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About the Site

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Home page

The Eye of Incomparable Understanding (About the Site)

Welcome to Tékumel

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New to Tékumel?

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Tékumel FAQ

Tékumel Product List

Site Chronology

Site Map

The Eye of Illuminating Glory (The World)

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The History of Tékumel

Before Recorded History

The Time of Darkness

The Empire of Llyán

The Three States of the Triangle

The Dragon Warriors of N’lüss

The Fishermen Kings

The First Imperium

éngsvlan hla Gánga

The Time of No Kings

The Second Imperium

Recent Events

image: Declaration of War

The Nonhumans of Tékumel


image: Ahoggyá


image: Hláka


image: Hlutrgú




Páchi Léi

Pé Chói

image: Pé Chói

Pygmy Folk


image: Shén


image: Ssú

Swamp Folk

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The Gods of Tékumel











The Lands of Tékumel




Yán Kór



Other Western Lands


Kilalámmu and the Central States

Sá’a Allaqí and the Northern States

Nuru’ún, Mihállu, Rannalú and the Plains of Glass

Other Eastern Lands

The Eye of Opening the Way (Gaming on Tékumel)

Rules and Game Systems

image: The Siege of Purdimál

Official Rules

image: Swords& Glory (Vol.1)

Empire of the Petal Throne

Swords and Glory


Gardásiyal: Experience and Skills

Gardásiyal: Parrying Rules


Tékumel: The Empire of the Petal Throne

Unofficial Rules

image: Swords& Glory (Vol.2)

Missumdalikoi: Rules for a Tékumel boardgame

Tékumel 3rd Edition D&D Conversion

Adventures on Tékumel

image: Naval Battle

Adventure Scenarios & Ideas

The Temple of the Doomed Prince

The Temple of the Doomed Prince (Area Map)

The Temple of the Doomed Prince (Temple Map)

The Temple of the Doomed Prince (Pyramid Map)

The Temple of the Doomed Prince (Caverns Map)

A Matter of Honor

A Matter of Honor (Map)

Against the Grain

An Excursion Into Old Ch’óchi

Random Rumours and News Items

Khirgári Adventure Seeds

The Silver Hmá

Friends in Foreign Parts


The City of ónchash Cháiran: Area, Geography and Climate

The Chaigári Protectorate

The Temple of the Seven Sighs

Tsolyáni Fief Values

Clans & Personalities

Tanmrúktu the Astronomer

Clan of the Open Sepulchre

Orun hiKharsan, the Consulting Astrologer

Personalities of the Bradford Campaign

Major Clans of Khirgár

Prominent Khirgári Personalities

Flora & Fauna

Creatures of the Mihálli Ruins

More Creatures from Ye Olde Tékumel Campaign

Dangerous Plants of Tékumel

Magical Items

Harnessing the Tides of Time

The Arena of Chríya

Calorific Rod of Transference

A Sword and a Dagger

Advice, Humor & Articles

’Twas the Night Before Chitlasha

Microsoft Eye of Raging Power

Tékumelani Jokes

How to Play Tékumel

Gaming Tools and Play Aids

image: Letter from Mirusíya

Spells, Legions and Personalities

A Collection of Tsolyáni Names for PCs and NPCs


The Eye of Retaining All Things (Tékumel Archive)

image: Land grant to the Shipáli Family of the Protectorate of Kérunan

The Book of Visitations of Glory

Issue One

Jakálla Underworld Map

A Dark and Stormy Night

Perception of the Energies

The Faultless Contemplation of Decay

The Wealth of Meshmúra

Map Translation

Contributor’s Biographies

Next Issue

Issue Two

A Letter Home

A Little Knowledge

Future Project

Unwelcoming Party

Illuminating Depictions

First Issue Comments

Issue Three

Hasfasíltum Temple

A Day in the Life

Perception of the Energies #3

Issue Four

Dlamélish Ceremony

Hasanpor Calendar

The New Arrival

A Hot Time in Fasíltum

Stability and Change

Issue Five

Tékumel for ‘Over the Edge’, 2nd edition rules

Wurú’s Path

The Court of the Purple Robes

Issue Six

The Tale of Pthuanath

Usenánu: The Great and Powerful City of Two Rivers


Back Plates

Issue Seven

The Great Chlén Race

árjai’s Dream

The Jewelled Pommel Clan

Death in Dó Cháka


Issue Eight

Updates from the Palace of the Priesthoods of the Gods

The Shadows of the Gods

Ahoggyás Ahoy!


Issue Nine

A Feast of Troubles

The Brass-Bound Bones


Issue Ten


Lost in the Library

A Forest Wending


The Eye of All-Seeing Wonder

Issue One

Opening the Way

Welcome to Jakálla

The Epic of Hrugga

The Relative Status of the Legions

The Profession of Arms

The Clan of the Iron Plume

Joyful Sitting Amongst Friends

Tusmikang Khawenlitusmi!

Best Savoured Cold

The Excellent Travelling Volume

Tékumel Products Review

Tsolyáni Names for Games

Recent History

Issue Two

Opening the Way

Crystal Clear

The Lament to the Wheel of Black

The Land of the Manifest Spirit

Joyful Sitting Amongst Friends

Wizards in White Hats

Barbarous Experiment

In the Wrong Hands

Count Your Blessings

Issue Three

Opening the Way

The City of Pála Jakálla

Joyful Sitting Amongst Friends

Servants of the Petal Throne

Thusúli Tlamúsun


Blue Murder

Keeping the Peace

The Clan of the Red Flower

Issue Four

Out, Vile Jelly!

You’re Not in Kansas Anymore

Behind Enemy Lines

The Etiquette & Tactics of the Qadarni

Joyful Sitting Amongst Friends

Different Strokes

Incomparable Understanding

The Palace of the Realm

Thusúli Tlamúsun!

Just Off the Boat

Going Underground

A Sense of Shame


The Five Parts of the Self

In the House of the Rising Sun

Friends in Foreign Parts

Magazine Reviews

Tékumel Products

Game Reviews

Issue Five

Opening the Way

History is Bunk!

Joyful Sitting Amongst Friends

Skein of Destiny


Another Charge from Incomparable Understanding

Celestial Harmonics

The Forty Seven Names of Thúmis

Sharu’una Fief

Freaks and Favours

Mayhem Mansion

A Noble Feast

Issue Six

Out of Charges

The Society of the Resurgent Octagon

In the House of the Rising Thún’ru

Joyful Sitting Amongst Friends

On the Death of Tékumel

On the Worship of the Most Holy Lord Sárku

Seasoned Creepings

A Matter of Honour

Reviews and Plugs

Hot Stuff!

The Blue Room

Mailing List Archive

Approved Materials





Pictures & Maps

Tékumel Tales

The Petal Throne


Child of the Black Hand

The Black Furrow Clan

The Order of Lazulian Slumber

The Tears of Chiténg

The Weath of Meshmúra

The Harmony of Drá

Lost Sleep

The New Arrival

A Thief of Jákalla

Tékumel Links

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Tékumel Online Community

The Tékumel Forums

Purchasing Tékumel Items

Tita’s House of Games (mini-site)

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