Tékumel Archive

The Book of Visitations of Glory

Issue Four | Autumn 2001

máisur lünmolóm mssúran tlalülüngyal

He embraced them, the moons (for her benefit).

A rare ceremony, performed only during the passing of the emerald green moon Gayél completely behind the blood red moon Káshi.

During the Battle of the Dórmoron Plain, Dlamélish demanded several conditions from the other gods before she would support their effort against her lover Ksárul. She exacted from Vimúhla that they should couple to remind all of what she was giving up during the Doomed Prince’s imprisonment.

To the spectators on the ground it appears that the Flame Lord enters the Green-Eyed Goddess and remains until she casts him out and continues on her journey alone once more.

This time is particularly auspicious for the followers of Hriháyal and Chiténg. Their lustful intertemple conjoinings send many worshippers to the Planes Beyond as a result from their zealous ferocity.

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