World of Tékumel

The Gods: The Tlomitlányal


Lord of the Excellent Dead, Master of the Paradises of Teretané, Opener of the Gates of Heaven.


Belkhánu sphere is not of this world but of the life after death: the journey onward to the farther Planes and the eventual goal of Hnálla’s Perfect Light.

He aids those who are close to death, those who mourn, those who would contact the dead, those who fight against Change, and those who are attacked by Sárku’s undead minions, an abomination to him.

His commonest form is that of a four-armed being with a round, featureless head. In each hand he bears one of the insignia of Paradise: a yellow gem, a staff, a bowl, and an orb of gold. His symbol is a golden ‘V’ resting upon three stylised waves. Belkhánu has 67 known Aspects. His priests wear yellow robes and tall yellow headdresses with a coif of gauze to mask the face. His priestesses are attired in similar costume, although the details differ.

Power Centres

The shrines of Belkhánu are found everywhere since his clergy are encharged with the funerals of the devotees of the Lords of Stability.


His temple is split between the Sect of the Golden Sphere of Eventual Transcendancy, which presses for a middle course between activism and pacifism, and the Group of the Amber Glow, which devotes itself to theological and doctrinal studies and has little to do with the concerns of this world.

Qón, Cohort of Belkhánu

The Cohort of Belkhánu is Qón: the Ancient One of Pleasures, and Guardian of the Gates of Hell Against Those Who Would Come Forth. He protects the soul against the perils of the Hereafter, and aids those attacked by the powers of the Dark. He is depicted as a six-legged beast-like creature; in his forepaws he bears two carved maces. His symbol is a stylised mace set vertically, and he has 19 Aspects.

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