World of Tékumel

The Gods: The Tlomitlányal


The Lord of War, Master of Heroes, and the Ultimate Warrior on the Final Day.


Karakán serves Stability through active change, but change always towards a more stable social order, war for the expression of courage, war for the destruction of the Dark and the victory of Light. He aids those who are valorous.

Karakán is shown as a youthful champion with a head rather like that of a hawk, winged, and armed with a sword and shield. His emblem is a stylised lightning bolt. He has 56 Aspects. Priests and Aridáni warrior women of his sect wear red robes, armour, and tall golden helmets with fanciful scarlet crests. Other devotees attire themselves in scarlet garments and bear Karakán's emblem upon a breast amulet.

Power Centres

Like Hnálla, Karakán is worshipped throughout Tsolyánu, but has his strongest enclaves in the central lands.


The Sword of Righteousness Clan of Karakán's temple urges an active role in politics, and has been known to collaborate with the Incandescent Blaze Society of Vimúhla to support military expansionism.

Chegárra, Cohort of Karakán

The Cohort of Karakán is Chegárra: the Hero-King, Swordsman of Glory and Victorious Lord. He is ‘Courage Applied’: the experienced warrior, the resourceful ruler, the sagacious statesman, and the patron of armies. He is shown as a bearded soldier of early middle years, fully armoured, and often striding forth over the bodies of slain demons. His emblem is a doubleheaded silver axe, and he has 33 Aspects.

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