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Personalities of the Bradford Campaign

by Dermot Bolton

Suru'Arra hiNezar

Ever the charming bureaucrat, Suru's rapid rise from clerk in Sokátis to fifth circle department head in Palá Jakálla has bewildered elders at Scroll of Wisdom clan. However it is at this crucial stage of his career that mistakes will cost him dearly, especially since the cronies of the new Emperor are pushing both time-servers and new recruits to one side in an effort to gain a tighter grip on the Imperial bureaucracy. Suru seems to know the score and always dresses to impress, wearing just the right amount of jewelry and makeup for every occasion. With a keen interest in politics and intrigue Suru is just the man to know in the Palace of the Realm.

Jnek Zuluer hiRasaum

Palá Jakállan born and bred, and a real lad about town if you believe the priestesses at the House of the Pleasant Hour. Jnek is a business administrator for his own Green Kirtle Clan and tries to double up as public relations officer, at least when it comes to pretty girls from visiting clans. Although educated and well to do he has also joined the local militia, in part to gain favor with his military uncle, but most see it as a cunning ploy to appear more macho to the young ladies. The militia has seen a fair bit of training recently since Lord Rereshqala hi Tlakotani took effective control of Jakálla and the south. Opportunities for promotion will no doubt arise shortly, will Jnek become an officer, does he want to? Only time will tell.

Tsokel hiVarrené

This recently mustered out Tirrikámu (sergeant) of the 15th Imperial Heavy Infantry, the Legion of the Ruby Hand has just arrived in Palá Jakálla. Along with his companion Randu he hopes to prosper as a 'soldier for hire' using his experience and the unstable political situation to find wealth. Since the rise of Emperor Dhich'uné the '15th' have been moved to Jakálla by Kerdu (General) Bushu'un hi Ssanmiren. This is obviously a political move from Bushu'uns cousin Lady Mnella, a firm friend and supporter of Lord Rereshqala. Reasons for leaving, better ask him, but being a legion funded by the aristocratic 'Sea Blue' clan promotion past Tirrikámu is tough for a country boy. Tsokel is from a small land owning family of the Golden Dawn Clan, he was born and spent much of his early years in a village south of Butrus near the Pan Chakan forests. Despite the origins Tsokel seems to fit into city life with ease.

Randu hiDaichar

Like his friend and former sergeant Tsokel, Randu mustered out of the '15th' in order to find profit, incurring heavy 'short term' financial penalties for the privilege. After leaving the legion they tried to find work in Jakálla, but the work available was either poorly paid or below their station. Luckily through clan connections Randu found out that work was to be had in Palá Jakálla fifty Tsán to the north, and that a distant clan cousin was in a similar situation. Donning their kit they headed for PJ. Randu is a member of a middling lineage of the Silver Lightening Clan and hails from the great city of Tumissa to the west. Since being in the legion a lot of time has been spent in the capital Bey Su, with only the occasional maneuvers across country. The name Randu is of interest as it is also the name of a small nocturnal bird of prey found in the Chakan forests, this bird is renowned for its keen night vision. Good man to know of you want quality furniture, that being the family business.

Achan hiKirreshmu

A man of some standing, the Kirreshmu family are renowned in the higher circles of Sokatis for their fine gems and jewelry. Achan himself must have decided early on that he was better suited for a military career as he managed to bring substantial honor to his family. This was achieved by joining the 7th Imperial Archers, the Regiment of the Clan of the Silver Lightening and attaining the rank of Hereksa (lieutenant). Obviously his position as a member of a high lineage in the Silver Lightening Clan helped, but his ability as a scout was well regarded even to the point of receiving a commendation from the Pachi Lei general Vrogga Dzh-Urru himself. Since fulfilling the six year term lieutenant Achan is taking a hopefully profitable holiday before making a final decision on whether to re-enlist. Fate has brought him to Palá Jakálla where he has met Jnek, having had a good time for a while he now feels the need to gain some temporary employment. It appears that a distant clan cousin and his comrade in arms will shortly be arriving in PJ, a possible business proposition awaits.

Nudno of the North

A bit of a dark horse this one, currently residing in the foreigners quarter he seems to hail from the far north of Tsolyánu possibly even from Milumanayá. One thing is certain he is a man of the mountains, anyone who has met a mountain man will recognize his manner, dress and accent. Some have speculated that he is half Milumanayáni or that he was once in a crossbow legion (Glorious Destiny?) but nothing is confirmed. Most stay clear of Nudno and none have seen his face for he wears a turban like mask to cover his face and head, young children are directed away by their mothers and old women make signs of protection if they should accidentally cross his path. He appears to be a worshipper of one of the dark trinity possibly Hrü'ü but what he is doing in PJ is any ones guess, nobody asks that sort of question in the foreigners quarter. Once you get over the stigma of his unknown status Nudno seems to be relatively cultured (for a semi-barbarian) and friendly. He is currently for hire as a mercenary or bodyguard, but has found little success due to the Tsolyáni obsession with appearance and status.

Garáshen, Priest of Wuru

A priest of Wuru with a mottled background. Originally from the town of Tu'unmra in the NW near Mrelu, this shows in his accent as does his lowly clan status. The way he speaks misleads you to think of a lowly man but his rank as a priest contradicts this. Garáshen may have the appearance of a priest but has the bearing of a man trained in the military, some legion experience is apparent to other soldiers. The colors black and purple are popular in his clothing for obvious reasons, and he also seems to wear numerous charms and amulets. However none of this seems to enhance his appearance any, he is still an evil looking priest of the dark trinity who is bound to send demons to you while you sleep, at least that is what your mother is bound to say. Equally at home with a sword or a history book Garáshen is a man of contradiction which is why he makes an ideal priest of Wuru. What the future holds for him in PJ no one knows, but it bound to interesting if he's got anything to do with it. Associate with this man at your own risk, remember, your mother wouldn't like it - probably.

Summary Table







Scroll of Wisdom





Green Kirtle


Clan Administrator

Jack the Lad


Golden Dawn


Soldier (HI)



Silver Lightning


Soldier (HI)

Tsokel's mate


Silver Lightning


Soldier (Bow)

good family


Low-middle, foreign?


Warrior (Crossbow)

Wears Turban Mask


Nighted Tower?



Dodgy Geezer

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