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More Creatures from Ye Olde Tékumel Campaign

by Peter Huston

The mock-Tsolyáni names may or may not be appropriate - probably not; I developed these things some time ago. (Although I now have the language book, I don't claim any skill in its use.) Perhaps the names are in some language of the far side of Tékumel where these things live. Please remember the bulk of these were created while I was in high school, so go easy on them (and me) if they don't seem absolutely brilliant.  I've included EPT stats.


Name: Ankheg
# of attacks: 1
Damage per attack: 2-16 (plus 1-4 per turn)
Intelligence:  None
Special Attacks: Squirt Acid (6 dice)
Number Appearing: 1-6
Armor: 3
Movement: 12 (6)
Hit Dice: 3-8
% in Lair: 15
Treasure: c
Number in Lair: 1-6

Yes, folks I went through the  AD&D Monster Manual and placed this in the campaign. Make of that what you will. It looked sufficiently alien to me.


Name: Chnéldro
# of attacks: 2
Damage per attack: 1-4
Intelligence:  Low
Special Attacks: Weapons
Number Appearing: 1-8
Armor: 8
Movement: 12
Hit Dice: 4
% in Lair: 10
Treasure: c
Number in Lair: 2-8

A mutant offshoot of the mutant Chnéhl race. inspired by that spiffy Frank Frazetta Conan painting. Bigger, smarter, and much less common. Not too huge. Only about 7 or 8 feet tall.


Name: Dreefla
# of attacks: 2
Damage per attack: 1-6 plus stun/1-6
Intelligence:  Semi-intelligent
Special Attacks: 50% chance that a tail strike stuns for 1-3 turns
Number Appearing: 1-3
Armor: 7
Movement: 6
Hit Dice: 6d6+2
% in Lair: 60
Treasure: c
Number in Lair: 2-5

A large creature - hippo legs, buffalo body, large, long tail with club like knob on end, fanged tusk warthog head, very long neck. The Dreefla will only attack if surprise is involved or if it is approached. If it is left alone it will leave others alone.


Name: Snelyu
# of attacks: 1
Damage per attack: 1-6/1-4+poison
Intelligence:  Animal
Special Attacks: Tail with poison sting
Number Appearing: 2-8
Armor: 6
Movement: 5
Hit Dice: 1d6+3
% in Lair: 40
Treasure: -
Number in Lair: 3-30

A snake like creature with a suction cup on its back and a poisonous stinger on the tip of its tail. It likes to hang in dark places in caves, forests, the underworld, swamps and ruins. If startled it attacks intruders with its tail.


Name: Crocodile
# of attacks: 2
Damage per attack: 1-4/2-12
Intelligence:  Animal
Special Attacks: -
Number Appearing: 2-24
Armor: 6
Movement: 6/12
Hit Dice: 3
% in Lair: -
Treasure: -
Number in Lair: -

An import from some place called 'Earth'. I thought that some crocodiles would sit nicely and enjoy basking in the sun of Tékumel. I thought they'd really like it in Livyánu. Why deprive them?


Name: Hyashniya
# of attacks: 2
Damage per attack: 1-3/1-3
Intelligence:  Exceptional
Special Attacks: Energy Drain
Number Appearing: 1
Armor: 6
Movement: 12
Hit Dice: 6
% in Lair: 5
Treasure: I, Q
Number in Lair: 1

Very rare, succubus vampire woman, very beautiful, her kiss drains an EPT level from the players. She has the following powers: ESP, telepathy, control person, shape change to any humanoid of her size, create darkness with a 20' radius, and infravision. She is classified as undead.


Name: Fasinalishu
# of attacks: 1/2
Damage per attack: 2-7/1-6/1-6
Intelligence:  Semi-intelligent
Special Attacks: Voice Imitation
Number Appearing: 1-4
Armor: 7
Movement: 18
Hit Dice: 5
% in Lair: 30
Treasure: -
Number in Lair: 1-6

I believe I stole this from a D&D article in Dragon magazine. I'm not sure. Please remember these were not intended for publication and written many years ago so if you find 'borrowing' just tell me and I'll 'fess up.  But here goes. Hoofed animal, badger's head (metal plates for teeth) yellow and gray color, leathery skin, carnivorous and they enjoy human flesh. They're rather cunning and have a voice imitation ability similar to a parrot's. They enjoy yelling "Help. Help." And eating the helper.


Name: Hypklikyani
# of attacks: 1/1/1
Damage per attack: 1/1-2/1-3
Intelligence:  Animal/Semi-intelligent/Intelligent
Special Attacks: -
Number Appearing: 3-18
Armor: 6
Movement: 15
Hit Dice: 1-3 / (PI) / 1
% in Lair:80
Treasure: *
Number in Lair: 5d10/10d/12d

Okay. I know fully well I 'borrowed' this one from the great story 'Sand Kings' which has since been filmed as an episode of the Outer Limits and shows up in some video rental stores. Giant, ant-like, telepathic, hive mind. Sometimes used as pets as they will worship their owner. Roll on NPC table for reaction to strangers. They come in three sizes. 40% small, 35% medium, 25% large. A hive of the small ones has a value of 5d6 x 10 Kaitars value to a pet shop owner.

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