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Magical Items

A Sword and a Dagger

Two Magical Items by David Bailey

Scimitar of Vitreous Evisceration

This long one-handed scimitar appears to be made of a pale amber-tinted glass with a fine metal tracery inside (copper?) and silk bound handles. The scimitar takes effect as excellent steel but has -1 on any breakage rolls, and must also make a breakage roll if it ever takes more than 20 points from an attack or parry in one hit. It does not seem to affect magic unduly. This makes the scimitar of immense value to any sorcerer –– a value of 20,000 káitars would not be unrealistic. Incidentally, the sword also does +1 damage if it gets through armour ( i.e.: +0 if parried or stopped by armour) and seems to leave wounds that take an unusually long time to heal.

Sanguinary Dagger of Pain

This dagger appears typical of a Milumanayáni desert clan, and usually held by shamans of those clans which worship Chiténg under a local aspect called The Parched One. The weapon is feeble until touched by human blood—the smallest drop will do. Afterwards, the blade becomes as hard as excellent steel for one kirén. For the next kirén it becomes as hard as steel, then as chlén hide. It is merely unfortunate that the first blow, after the blade has been fed, causes intense pain, rather like the Chiténg spell of Punition (T1).

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