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by David Bailey

Hlüss raiding parties have been seen in the area around Penóm. For those who have never seen one of their magically driven boats, now is your chance; truly a once in a lifetime spectacle.

Hlutrgú recently came boiling out of the swamps in Kaijá again. Those pesky swamp frogs seem set to make a real nuisance of themselves, as they tend to do every few years. The Governor of Jakálla is raising an expeditionary force from several legions to deal with them and expects to have the situation under control in a month.

Ssú raiding parties are reported by Salarvyáni traders coming into Palá Jakálla. This would not be extraordinary (since it helps keep prices up) were it not for three things: 1) they were near Sokátis, 2) they were well organised, and 3) they consisted of 2 Black Ssú to every 8 Grey ones. There is an official reward of some size on offer from the zoo at Jakálla for any live Black Ssú.

A squadron of Ahoggyá coracles was sighted off the coast this week. Two war ships were dispatched with great speed, a tribute to our navy. The coracles sped away, whilst the navy battled against the wind. Three fishing boats were found to have been roped together after capture by the Ahoggyá. They were escorted in. The crews of the boats report that they were treated well, but that they were forced to sort their catches carefully and hand over any of the rare Dispáshu crabs they had caught. Since these crabs are poisonous it is unlikely shámtla will be asked for.

A fisherman reports seeing a dragon fly out to sea over the gulf early last week. 'It was weaving about the sky and gave off little puffs of smoke from one nostril', he claims. Relatives can visit him at the asylum.

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