World of Tékumel

The Gods: The Tlokiriqáluyal


Lord of Fire, Power of Destruction and Red Ruin, Maker of Thunders, All-Consuming One.


Vimúhla is the catharsis and the cleanser through the Flame. He would thus annihilate all matter and bring about the Final Conflagration, after which the cosmos must be reborn in the heart of the Flame, as Hrü’ü decrees. True victory is to he but an ephemeral, scintillating spark in the heart of the Inferno, then to know no more save the terrible burning joy of unity through annihilation.

He aids those who fight heroically and fanatically for Change, those who start conflagrations, and those who revel in destruction and pillage.

His usual depiction is as a coneshaped being with stylised flames in place of arms and legs, surrounded by black clouds shot through with orange-red lightnings. His symbol is a stylised flame. Vimúhla possesses 87 Aspects. His priests wear flame-orange robes, armour, and headdresses crowned with lacquered Chlén-hide flames. His priestesses are garbed in flame-orange skirts, collars of garnets and gold, and lighter coronets of gold with flame symbols engraved upon them. Both males and females leave their hair loose and unbound.

Power Centres

In Tsolyánu, Vimúhla has two very powerful foci: the west, particularly Tumíssa, Chéne Hó, and Khirgár; and the east around the city of Fasíltum. He is also the most powerful deity of Mu’ugalavyá; his temples are wealthier, and his clergy receive certain preferences.


The Temple of Vimúhla is partially controlled by the Incandescent Blaze Society, which urges violent action and intrigue but has little in common with the activists of the ‘Dark Trinity’ (Hrü’ü, Ksárul and Sárku) and instead sometimes collaborates with Karakán’s Sword of Righteousness Clan since both support military expansionism.

Chiténg, Cohort of Vimúhla

The Cohort of Vimúhla is Chiténg: Lord of Red Spouting Flame, Drinker of Blood and Reaper of Cities. He is the patron of the armies of Change, the beseiger of cities, and the overseer of torments. He is depicted as a mighty warrior covered with lizard-like scales with a lizard’s head, often wielding his terrible two-handed sword, Bloodsong, which is his emblem. He has 20 Aspects.

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