Tékumel Archive

The Book of Visitations of Glory

Issue Seven | 22nd April 2004

Issue 7

This Issue’s Contributions

The Great Chlén Race

Krista Donnelly (scenario using Tékumel Tri-Stat rules)

árjai’s Dream

Joe Zottola (Dream Diary)

The Jewelled Pommel Clan

Belinda Kelly (article)

Death in Dó Cháka

Nick Bogan (Novella)


Brad Johnson (art)

A magazine dedicated to the world of The Empire of the Petal Throne by M.A.R. Barker

Editor/Compiler (Print Edition)

Belinda Kelly

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All Tékumel items, and the Irzákh font ©2002 by M.A.R. Barker. All Rights Reserved. And as is the case in all issues of The Book of Visitations of Glory all such writings from the contributors’ pens are unofficial, non-canonical, and have no relationship to or bearing on the real world of Tékumel.

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