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About the Site

Site Chronology

Updates to The World of the Petal Throne site are tracked here.

August 2020

I haven’t updated this chronology much as updates have been sparse, but I updated some links and added Brett Slocum’s Tékumel Article Index to the Archive page, updated to the latest version of the Trikélu RPG rules by Dave Morris, and pointed to DriveThru RPG Tékumel items, among other things.

March and April 2014

Brett Slocum’s Béthorm: The Plane of Tékumel added to the Gaming section. Changes to the home page to accommodate a brief latest News section. Updates to the Tékumel links section.

6th January, 2013

Brett Slocum’s Tékumel FAQ updated. New Google+ and Facebook links added to Tékumel links page.

13th December, 2012

Finally, thanks to Chris Davis, all the original text files for the Blue Room Archive have been made available on the site: download or view them from the Blueroom List Archive page. In time, I’ll have these properly formatted for the site so they can be read more easily.

26th September, 2012

Minor updates have not been tracked in this section for quite a while, but today brings a site-wide refresh of Tékumel.com, featuring a wider layout, larger text, a brand new home page, and innumerable minor improvements. The links page has been updated. Look for further improvements in the coming weeks.

16th April, 2007

Since the last listing here, most site changes have been issues of The Book of Visitations of Glory, which is now up to Issue 12, and more updates to the Eureka Tékumel Miniatures page.

11th April, 2007

I’ve been neglecting to document changes to the site in this section for quite some time! The most significant changes have probably been Issues 9 and 10 of The Book of Visitations of Glory, and continuing updates to the new Eureka Tékumel Miniatures page. Also the Tita’s House of Games mini-site was significantly revamped.

22nd May, 2005

Finally, tekumel.com has a bulletin board where fans of Tékumel can gather and converse online. The Petal Throne Forums are open!

13th May, 2005

Tekumel.com has moved to a new server home at Dreamhost. Many thanks, on behalf of the Tékumel community, to Malcolm Heath for hosting the site at his own expense for the past four years.

12th May, 2005

Brad Johnson and the Tékumel Amateur Press Association release Issue 8 of The Book of Visitations of Glory, featuring a novella by Nick Bogan and an adventure scenario by Krista Donnelly.

21st April, 2005

It’s been a long time coming, but as Tékumel.com approaches its eighth anniversary, the site has finally be rebuilt and revamped from the ground up. I hand-coded the entire site from scratch using CSS, so every page is less than half the size it used to be, and will download faster as a result. I think you’ll find the new layout and better typography makes the site easier to navigate and read. It’s easy to print any page thanks to custom designed print style sheets. There’s new art and new information. In fact, there are so many changes it’s no good listing them here—go and explore the new World of the Petal Throne for yourself!

4th September, 2003

Brad Johnson and the Tékumel Amateur Press Association have been busy creating a spectacular publication: The Book of Visitations of Glory. Six online issues redesigned especially for Tékumel.com by Peter Gifford are now available.

5th March, 2003

Thanks to the continuing efforts of Dermot Bolton, the last issues (well of the old printed ones anyway ...) of The Eye of All-Seeing Wonder, Issues Five and Six, are now on the site.

24th December, 2002

Added Brett Slocum’s Tékumel FAQ and Bruce Roberts’ Tékumel Product List to the Eye of Incomparable Understanding section.

9th September, 2002

Tita’s House of Games site updated with new products and price list. Part Three of Noyesamek by Andrew Hinnebusch.

1st June, 2002

Tékumel Tales sees Part Two of Noyesamek by Andrew Hinnebusch.

25th February, 2002

A new Site Map page gives you instant access to any part of the website (the light on the device on the main page links to it as well). The map of Tsolyáni (and some of the other maps) has been revised and is now far more accurate; also Tsolyáni provinces have been included.

16th February, 2002

Tékumel Tales for more fan fiction set on Tékumel—this time by Andrew Hinnebusch. Tita’s House of Games has posted their February 2002 pricelist.

2nd November, 2001

Check out Tékumel Tales for more great fan fiction set on Tékumel by Brad Johnson.

22nd October, 2001

An exciting exclusive for Tékumel.com; an early piece of official Tékumel fiction from the Professor: The Petal Throne.

25th September, 2001

Issue 2 of the fanzine Eye of All- Seeing Wonder is now online.

19th August, 2001

Issue 1 of the fanzine Eye of All- Seeing Wonder is online and is bursting with Tékumel material.

14th August, 2001

A new locale on Tékumel has been ‘officially’ revealed, thanks to the Professor supplying Tékumel.com with an article by Alan Musielwicz: Onchash Chairan. Also another Tékumel Tale, this time from Hejjeka—Lost Sleep.

28th June, 2001

Missumdalikoi is a detailed boardgame developed by Hejjeka. The rules, scenarios and playsheets are available in Word format for downloading and playing.

26th June, 2001

Dermot Bolton has been hard at work and now Issue 4 of the fanzine Eye of All-Seeing Wonder is online. Enjoy!

13th June, 2001

More stuff for you Tékumel gamers out there—The Temple of the Doomed Prince, a classic adventure from White Dwarf 54 (way back in 1984).

6th June, 2001

Another blast from the past, the fanzine Eye of All-Seeing Wonder is now part of the site, thanks to the efforts of Dermot Bolton. Issue 3 is available online in its entirety with the other six issues to follow soon.

7th May, 2001

The Blueroom Mailing List Archive has been updated with another 100 digests, No’s 601-700. Popup menus have been added to all the World section pages to make navigation even easier. A new Tékumel Tales heading has been added to the Adventures on Tékumel section, featuring stories by Brad Johnson—more to come.

2nd May, 2001

Back from six months travel in North and South America and a long overdue update. The site has been visually improved by the use of CSS code. The mainpage has been revamped and a Latest Dispatches section added to keep you up to date with news regarding the release of the new Tékumel RPG.

10th October, 2000

www.tekumel.com has been moved to a new server would should facilitate exciting new features soon. In the meantime, we’ve added a minisite for Tita’s House of Games where you can purchase all your Tékumel items.

10th May, 2000

A better layout, new cover scans and new information in The Excellent Travelling Volume. An excellent Excel spreadsheet of Spells, Legions & Personailities by Roger McCarthy in the Tékumel: The World of the Petal Throne Gaming Tools & Play Aids section.

29th December, 1999

The Eye of Incomparable Understanding section has been subdivided, and an Introduction to Tékumel page added for newcomers. The Downloads page features Tékumel banners to add to your site. There’s an addition to the Excellent Travelling Volume. The eastern part of the main northern continent has been finished, so the maps section is now complete. Go to the Eye of Illuminating Glory and use the main Navigator Wheel to visit The Lands of Tékumel.

20th August, 1999

The Eye of Retaining All Things section has been revamped and divided into Downloads, Tékumel Links and Related Links sections.

7th July, 1999

Thanks to the efforts of Chow Chern Leng from the Great RPG Archive, who rewrote the code from scratch, the World Navigator page should now be working properly in IE and Netscape versions 3+. Thanks to everyone who has helped with this problem.

Carl Brodt’s latest Tékumel Items price list (July 99) is at the The Eye of Retaining All Things.

29th April, 1999

I’m happy to announce (finally) the first of the new Tékumel map sections. The western part of the main northern continent has been detailed in all its glory. Go to the Eye of Illuminating Glory and use the main Navigator Wheel to visit The Lands of Tékumel. I’m considering printing a new full colour map of Tékumel in this style and offering it for sale on the site—contact me if you’d be interested in such a product.

29th March, 1999

Carl Brodt’s latest Tékumel Items price list (March 99) is at the The Eye of Retaining All Things.

22nd March, 1999

Ilánish Chárea releases another spectacular portrait—a member of the Swamp Folk.

2nd March, 1999

At last, the distinguished artist Ilánish Chárea has allowed the first of his portraits of the nonhuman races to be released to the public! The Nonhuman Races index page has been redesigned, and illustrations are online of a Hláka, a Hlutrgú, a Shén and a Pé Chói. More to come!

Tékumel: The World of the Petal Throne has been updated. Enjoy Dave Morris’ new adventure, Friends in Foreign Parts, come up against some Peter Huston’s beasties of the old school with his More Creatures from Ye Olde Teekumel Campaign and check out the corrected version of Joseph Saul’s Experience and Skills article.

26th February, 1999

Carl Brodt’s latest Tékumel Items price list (Feb 99) is at the The Eye of Retaining All Things.

28th January, 1999

Slight changes to the opening page; Awards have now been moved to a separate page.

22nd January, 1999

Many thanks to James Malszewiski, who has allowed his Tékumel gaming site The Jade Arch to become part of The World of the Petal Throne. Go to The Eye of Opening the Way to enjoy the totally revamped section, chock full of information to enhance your roleplaying experiences on Tékumel. Email your contributions to James.

11th November, 1998

An exciting day for The World of the Petal Throne! Thanks to the efforts of Bob Alberti, ‘tekumel.com’ is a reality and the new home of this site. Not only is the address easier to remember, but it should mean frequent updates as more people become involved in adding to this ‘official’ Tékumel site. Update your bookmarks!

1st July, 1998

The World of the Petal Throne is back! My apologies for the long break. You’ll find lots of changes if you look around—new images, additions to the Excellent Travelling Volume, improved graphics; in fact the entire site has been revamped and rebuilt. Stay tuned for a new map of Tékumel ...

1st November, 1997

The Gods of Tékumel have been detailed in all their glory. I’ll be taking a two month break to visit India; look forward to exciting new sections and visuals when I return as I’ll be taking a lot of photographs ... Thanks for visiting, contibuting and commenting on this site so far. It can only get bigger ...

31st October, 1997

New cover scans and information in The Excellent Travelling Volume.

9th October, 1997

Updates to The Excellent Travelling Volume. Thanks to all contributors—keep ’em coming!

29th September, 1997

The classic Empire of the Petal Throne illustration by Professor Barker added to the Second Imperium section.

23rd September, 1997

After much web-trawling and JavaScript puzzling, and with many thanks to Austin Burbridge, the effect I was aiming for in the Eye of Illuminating Glory section is completed.

10th September, 1997

The Excellent Travelling Volume, your guide to published works about Tékumel, is now open for your perusal. Contributions are invited to make this section complete. Many thanks to Mikko Moisio for his scanning contributions.

4th September, 1997

Code changes and cleanups throughout the site and a real satisfying opening scroll in the History of Tékumel section.

27th August, 1997

New Javascript navigation system for the Eye of Illuminating Glory section.

21st August, 1997

Cosmetic and navigational changes to the History of Tékumel section.

17th August, 1997

At last, the History of Tékumel is finished (sans future illustrations). Enjoy this fascinating read!

14th August, 1997

Changed the way the Home Page was created in order to speed up download times.

4th August, 1997

The remaining Nonhuman Races detailed. Keep checking back as illustrations are completed...

30th July, 1997

Official approval from the creator of Tékumel, Professor M.A.R. Barker, who writes: “Hi! Just want to write and express my admiration—and gratitude—for your hard work and artistic talent on the Tékumel website. With best regards, MAR Barker.”

28th July, 1997

First Nonhuman Race detailed, with illustration. The Ahoggyá.

25th July, 1997

The Chronology added to site. Links to other Tékumel sites added.

21st July, 1997

The Thoroughly Useful Eye picture added.

16th July, 1997

SITE LAUNCHED! Various improvements over the following days.

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