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The Book of Visitations of Glory

Issue One | Spring 2001

Issue 1

This Issue’s Contributions

A map of a small portion of the Jakálla underworld

(the translation is found at the back of this issue) Floyd Brigdon

A Dark and Stormy Night

Krista Donnelly

Perception of the Energies

Robert Dushay

The Faultless Contemplation of Decay

Malcolm Heath

The Wealth of Meshmúra

Brad Johnson

Map Translation

Floyd Brigdon

Contributor’s Biographies


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Illustration of the 18th Imperial Tsolyani Unit (medium), Legion of the Lord of Red Devastation

Dave Sutherland III

Illustrations on this page and on the ‘Next Issue’ page

Steven Woodcock

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All Tékumel items ©2002 by M.A.R. Barker. All Rights Reserved. And as is the case in all issues of the 'Book of Visitations of Glory' all such writings from the contributors' pens are unofficial, non-canonical, and have no relationship to or bearing on the real world of Tékumel. The contents of this issue are copyrighted by the individual authors and artists who created them, all of whom acknowledge that none of this would have been possible without Professor M.A.R. Barker, the creator of Tékumel.

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