World of Tékumel



The violently inimical little Hlutrgú are one of mankind’s most implacable foes, fighting with vicious fanaticism in battle and torturing any captives in ways too ghastly to describe. Although they prefer the isolation of their bogs, they occasionally venture forth to raid human villages or harass local shipping from small coracles of skin. Were it not for the terrible losses which an army would suffer and the difficulty of invading their tidal swamps, the Tsolyáni might have exterminated them all long ago.

Physical Attributes

Tough, rubbery, and totally hairless, the Hlutrgú have a rotund body, four limbs each equipped with a usable hand with six fingers, and a skull-like head, the mouth filled with needle-sharp fangs. They are mottled greenish, greyish or blackish in colour, and range from 1.23 to 1.71 m in height. They have three sexes: males (95 percent), female spawners (4 percent), and asexual ‘leaders’ (about 1 percent).


Isolated bogs in the Kaija Protectorate.

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