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Clans & Personalities

Clan of the Open Sepulchre

by Jonathan Fredericks




Embalmers, tomb guards, and professional mourners ; primarily devoted to Belkhánu and his cohort Qón, but also to Sárku and Durritlámish ; found all over the empire.


Barasa (Low)

Onelusa (High), Descended from the dark hero Onelusa who in the time of the usurpers (c1699AS) gathered a horde of undead to destroy an army which was ruthlessly laying waste to Jakálla’s city of the dead to plunder its treasures to pay the troops. Known as a dark hero as his actions resulted in the shattering of the Concordat and much of Jakálla proper in the ensuing priestly conflict. Reportedly ‘lives’ on in some dark tomb, sentenced to receive the homage of all the mrúr (undead) of the underworld, a task he is still at, nigh on a 1000 years later, unable to refuse their homage without dishonor.

Stirai (Low)

Seremakh (Medium), An ambitious lineage fast on its way towards improving its status.

Tektasthe (Medium), The lineage is primarily responsible for the clan's record-keeping and administrative services, and as such, its members are often literate and able to keep figures.

Thanadu (High)

Tlakfan (Low), A mixed lineage of native Tsolyánu and Fatlen (foreigners ) with little status within the clan but more personal wealth than other lineages.

Tlekaryal (Medium), A small lineage almost universally devoted to Sárku.

Tukkolen (High)

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