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Rules and Game Systems

Unofficial Rules

Over the years many ‘home-grown’ rules systems have been created to satisfy the needs of different gamers.

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Swords & Glory

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Tékumel D&D 3rd Edition Conversion

by Sammy Grimes

Rules for converting Empire of the Petal Throne (based on the ‘White Box’ D&D game), to D&D 3rd Edition. More »


GURPS Tékumel

by Brett Slocum

Brett Slocum was worked up some extensive conversions to Steve Jackson’s GURPS system. Information can be found on Brett’s site


by Dave Morris

Dave Morris created these rules and serialized them in the now-defunct Eye of All-Seeing Wonder. They are available as a PDF download. A PDF character sheet made by Steve Charbonneau can be downloaded here

EPT Runequest

by Sandy Petersen

Sandy Petersen of Chaosium created some rules for using Runequest with Tékumel. They are available as a PDF download.


A quick and simple system that appeared in The Eye of All-Seeing Wonder fanzine, Spring 1995.

AD&D Variant (Wizards of the Coast)

by Bob Dushay / John Bailey

Someone had to do it, right? There are some incomplete conversion rules for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons by Bob Dushay on Brett Slocum’s site A fuller AD&D conversion (by John Bailey) is available as a zipped DOC file for download. A lengthy campaign outline for use with these rules can be found in the Adventures on Tékumel section.

FUDGE Conversion (Grey Ghost Press)

by Tony Davis

At Brett Slocum’s site.

D&D 3rd Edition Conversion (Wizards of the Coast)

by Sammy Grimes / Nick Bogan et al.

A D&D 3rd Edition conversion by Sammy Grimes in zipped Word format, and a D&D 3rd Edition conversion by contributors from the Tékumel community, including Nick Bogan, Louise Hayes, Scott Maxwell, Brion Oliver and Victor Raymond. Find them both at Brett Slocum’s site.

Another D&D 3E conversion by Nick Bogan, et al can be found here.

Cinematic Roleplaying

This system is very ‘rules light’ by design and emphasises player/referee cooperation. It can be found here

The Chronicles of Talislanta Conversion

Rules conversion using The Chronicles of Talislanta 1st edition rules by 'Beast Without a Tail'.

Tékumel 'Rules Light' System

‘Fuzzy’ (ie. VERY rules light) system based on the ‘roll percentile dice’ concept described by Bob Alberti here, also by 'Beast Without a Tail'.

Patrick Brady’s Metasystem

Patrick allows his players to create their characters using whatever system they want. His metasystem is the means by which he adjudicates what happens when, say, a GURPS character and a diceless character come to blows in his game. An intriguing idea! A PDF version of the metasystem will be here soon.


This new system is card-based and emphasizes storytelling and drama. This is the rules set James Maliszewski now uses in his own campaign. He and his friend Kevin Brennan are in the process of producing written conversion rules for use by others; they will be posted here when completed.

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