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Khirgári Adventure Seeds

by M.A.R. Barker and James Maliszewski

About 300 Tsán northeast of Khirgár in the Desert of Sighs (hex 4710 on the Zocchi maps) is a city of the Ancients. It is almost entirely ruined, and what is left is buried deep beneath the sand. Enterprising explorers can still dig down to it here and there, and there are areas beneath it where the sand has not choked off the tunnels. There are very few magical devices because it was heavily looted and picked over during the Latter Times. A few items do survive -- as do sometimes-uncooperative Milumanayáni tribesmen, animals, and others.

There are deserted fiefs north of Khirgár in the Milumanayáni desert. Most of them were abandoned during the secession of Milumanayá in 1976 A.S. They are arid, barren, and inhabited only by refugees and deserters from the armies of Yán Kór and Tsolyánu. These fiefs are thus rough and the population of little red Alásh snakes and Epéng insects is an excellent reason not to go there. Nevertheless, intrepid young clan members may find it advantageous to visit and perhaps restore these deserted fiefs.

Beneath Khirgár is a series of tunnels from the Latter Times (they do not seem to go back as far as the Time of Darkness). Dragon Warrior sources attest to the existence of these tunnels. Above and around these are the tunnels dug by the Engsvanyáli in search of treasure. Whatever chambers were found proved to be empty or choked with debris. It is possible that further excavation and exploration may lead to something of greater interest, of course. Khirgár has not had a formal Ditlána since the reign of the Seal Empress Janulé "She of the Blue Goddess" (1123-1155 A.S.). Janulé favored Avánthe and the other Tlomitlányal. Hence, when the priesthood of Karakán asked for a favor, she ordered Ditlána for Khirgár and several other cities. There is a tubeway station beneath the old city of Khirgár, but it is not well known outside the inner circles of the temple of Lord Ksárul. It is difficult to reach and dangerous in the extreme, due to the collapse of walls and ceilings within the cold and musty catacombs.

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