Tékumel Archive

“There is no need for ‘your’ Tékumel to be identical with ‘mine’. Introduce other characters, different animals, further races ... change the social structures, throw out or ignore features which do not appeal to you.”

M.A.R. Barker, Introduction to Swords & Glory Volume 1, Copyright © 1983 M.A.R. Barker.

The Tékumel Archive

M.A.R. Barker was the undisputed expert on all things Tékumel, but his creation has inspired creative people all over the world to make their own additions to this richly detailed setting.

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Land grant to the Shipáli Family
of the Protectorate of Kérunan

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In this section is an ever-growing and extensive archive of additional information, downloads, fiction and links to places on the web related to Tékumel. Select from the four main sub-sections detailed below or the Links and Downloads pages.

Note that most of the information here is non-canonical, or not ‘real’ Tékumel, but the creations of various authors adding their inventions to Professor Barker’s creation.

The Book of Visitations of Glory

The Book of Visitations of Glory is an amateur press publication that provides a forum for creative fans of Professor Barker’s world to exchange their ideas. Some express themselves through art, others through writing. There are seven extensive issues. Enter »

The Eye of All-Seeing Wonder

The Eye of All-Seeing Wonder was an unofficial English Tékumel fanzine that lived from Autumn 1992 to Winter 1996 and was chock-full of fascinating information and adventures. For the first time the entire six issues of the Eye are online thanks to the efforts of Dermot Bolton. Enter »

The Blue Room

The most venerable collection of Tékumel information and publications long resided at the Blue Room, a FTP site hosted by Chris Davis, who also hosted the excellent Blue Room Mailing List. Professor Barker was a regular contributor to the list. While the Blue Room and its list are currently no more, everything that was on the site, and eventually the entire list archive, will be hosted here. Enter »

The Tékumel Article Index

Brett Slocum’s Tékumel Article Index is a comprehensive list of articles written about Tékumel and where to track them down. Download the Excel file »

Tékumel Tales

Short stories that give some of the flavour of the world of Tékumel, including the Professor’s oldest surviving story about Tékumel, The Petal Throne. Enter »

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