Gaming on Tékumel

Adventures on Tékumel


A closer look at some of the places on Tékumel.

The City of ónchash Cháiran

by Alan Musielewicz

Details of a locale on Tékumel that has never been described until now: ónchash Cháiran, an oasis in the great desert that is directly south of Tsolyánu across the Deeps of Chanayaga. More »

The Chagári Protectorate

by C.R. Vickers

Campaign info for a campaign run in Calgary, Alberta in the 1980’s. It is set in EPT-era ‘Tékumel reality’, as the borders of Chaigári then included Hekéllu. ... More »

The Temple of the Seven Sighs

by Bob Alberti

The Temple of the Seven Sighs is a tall circular pavilion with an altar in the center. It’s not on Tékumel’s plane, apparently, since at one point or another there are as many as seven moons in the sky at one time ... More »

Tsolyáni Fief Values

by Shawn Garbett, edited by James Maliszewski

Pages 93-94 of EPT (the red book) had a system for determining the worth of a fief holders hex. Well I compared the Province Map to the hex maps and tried to come up with an estimated value of káitars collected ... More »

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