Gaming on Tékumel

Adventures on Tékumel

Magical Items

Strange and dangerous devices at the place where magic and technical wizardry meet.

Thirty New Eyes

by Martin Gibbs and Mike Bell

Thirty new Eyes to add to the EPT/Gardasiyal lists ... More »

‘Harnessing the Tides of Time’ by Juchéssa Betránian of Tsámra

by Jack Bramah

The scroll is in Bednálljan and contains four basic spells with six levels each ... More »

The Arena of Chríya

by David Bailey

One of the gifts from the demon Chríya (The One Who Skulks) to Hrúgga ... More »

Calorific Rod of Transference

by Jack Bramah

A device of the Ancients ... More »

A Sword and a Dagger

by David Bailey

Two unique blades that could be found on Tékumel ... More »

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