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Dangerous Plants of Tékumel

by Peter Huston

Peter is a freelance writer. He has not published anything game or Tékumel related. He has published non-fiction of various sorts, including a pair of books. He is also the author of a pile of unpublished SF stories.

I would be honored if some were declared 'official', but might I suggest that some might merely be, at best, 'Tsolyáni Folklore', perhaps. Things many Tsolyáni believe to exist, but do not? And some, I suppose just won't exist at all, even in the wildest imaginations of the most ignorant and naïve Jakállan slum dweller.

Alas, Alas. . . .

Pallis Weeper

Touching causes poison throw at –3 or death. If surprise there is a 1/6 chance of "bumping into" it.

Plant One

Large pot surrounded by large leafy fronds. Entering area causes a saving throw versus poison. If failed character wanders around hallucinating for six turns then approaches the plant and goes to sleep. After an hour the character will be wrapped up by the large leaves. He/She will then lose 12 hit points a day. After he/she reaches –6 hits revification is impossible.

Plant Two

This plant has many stems, At the end of each stem is a pointed kind of pod. One of the pods has 'shot its load' and has its pointed portion attached to the end of the pod by a long thread. There appears to be a central nod (which I later seem to refer to as the 'brain' of the plant) which shoots sticky pods out – each plant has a number of pods.

D100 Roll

# Pods



Hit Dice




10 yards





20 yards





30 yards





40 yards


In addition to central 'brain' and stalk hits, there are 4 hits per pod. After being hit by pods save 12 (on d20) to break loose from plant.

Hmmmm….. As I look this one over it becomes obvious that despite the chart anyone who wishes to actually use it will have to do some work. : -) Oh well, I did use the EPT rules so people should be used to that.

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