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Spells, Legions & Personalities

by Roger McCarthy


Excel spreadsheets listing Tsolyáni Legions, The Gardásiyal Spell List and Tsolyáni Personalities.

To give an idea of what’s in the file a couple of examples follow:


Legion name The Omnipotent Azure Legion
Arm of service HI
Legion number -
Cohorts in line 20
Cohorts in training 2
Fighting strength 8000
Avg exp level of troops 7
Weapons Long spear, curved sword, shield, 7/20 comp bows, 13/20 in steel armour
Normal base Avanthár
Recent postings Avanthár
Clan association None
Temple association Hnálla & Stabiity
Commander Qoruma hiRi’Inyussa, High Princeps
Commander’s clan Golden Sunburst
Commander’s deity Hnálla
Loyalty to Emperor
Comments Recruits only proven soldiers from other units—still has more recruits than can ever use—surpus enrolled in Legion of Potent Destiny.

(I’ve also done various troop type totals and percentages and even made a stab at calculating the annual military budget of the Tsolyani Empire—7,539,125 kaitars!)


Name The Breath of the Goddess
Gardásiyal number 78
Phylum T
Type Ritual
Total Levels 5T
Available as T1, T4, T7, T8, T10
Temples Avánthe (Dilinála; Shamans)


Name Kettukal hiMraktine
Role High General
Post/description First General of the Empire, General of the First Legion of Ever-Present Glory, Leader of Prince Eselné’s party
When/Source 2358 (SB 16-17, AoT/1, DotEG, MoG)
Clan Sea Blue
Party/Secret Society Military Party
Deity Karakán
Loyalty to Eselné
Normal base Sokátis, Béy Sü?
Recent postings Khirgar, Chene Ho

Obviously the spells and legions lists are pretty much complete.

I envisage the personalities file as the starting point for a prosopography of Tékumel (along the lines of the prosopography of the Later Roman Empire by A.H.M. Jones et al if anyone’s familiar with it)—so far I’ve got 158 Tsolyani based only on The Sourcebook, The Temple articles on the Blue Room site, Armies of Tékumel I and Deeds of the Ever Glorious and only including Tsolyáni prominent in the reigns of Hirkáne and Dhich’uné.

I am planning to add further characters from Man of Gold, Swords and Glory and the Adventures on Tékumel solitaire books when I get a chance to skim them and from Mitlanyál and Seal of the Imperium 1 when I receive copies, so can anyone with access to any other sources who wants to send me more personalities for inclusion email me the data—preferably in Excel 5.0 or 7.0 format if there’s more than a few.

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