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Clans & Personalities

Prominent Khirgári Personalities

by M.A.R. Barker

The following entries describe prominent inhabitants of the city of Khirgár and surrounds. Each entry includes the person's name, clan, age and gender, deity, and a few notes on which to base encounters or entire adventures involving them.

Chankódla hiSenkólum

White Crystal
62, Male
Governor of Khirgár

Tough, ex-soldier (Legion of the Mighty Prince); tall, well-built but with a battered, pockmarked face; very strong, decisive, and abrupt; 4 wives, 3 sons, 2 daughters, many concubines, whom he buys and gives away to his friends; loves weapons, fighting but getting along in years); collects steel weapons and armour; devoted to his temple; does not drink alcohol.


30, Shén Male
General: Legion of Gr-Gá the Egg-Layer, 5th Shén Auxiliary Heavy Infantry

Upstart Shén rebel who had to flee Shényu for reasons that are unclear; other Shén legions shun his recently-raised unit, but his troops are tough and experienced; 10 Cohorts, now with Prince Eselné near Páya Gupá; probably will remain loyal to Eselné since he is their patron

Gúsha hiVordésa

Golden Sunburst
44, Male
General: Legion of Gúsha the Khirgári, 7th Medium Infantry

This Gúsha is no relation to the ancient founder of this Legion; he is the senior council-leader of the 'communal' Legion; 12 Cohorts, 1 in training at Khirgár; badly mauled in Prince Eselné's invasion of the north

Hórusu hiKúrodu

Dark Fear
49, Male
Official: Prefect of the Palace of the Realm

Ugly, misshapen, hulking, brutish but actually quite pleasant; ambitious and willing to do anything to rise to power; younger brother of Mokái hiKúrodu (q.v. this list); rarely attends functions or temple; stays home with his equally ugly wife (& 1 thoroughly ugly daughter); reads history of epic poems and early Ensgvanyáli; supporter of Dhich'uné and so destined for governorship if he weren't so ugly.

Kéirrumesh hiDuruntláno

Cloak of Azure Gems
31, Male

Young ne'er-do-well; gambler (cards, Tsahltén, dice); arrogant and slightly sadistic; unmarried but keeps 3 Livyáni concubines immured in a secret room in his mansion outside the city. Had a son who died as a babe under suspicious circumstances . . .

Mlára hiSánkolum

White Stone
34, Female

Rich, glamorous noblewoman; lots of make-up and heavy jewellery; gambles (cards mostly); socialite who spends most of her vapid life in parties and gambling houses; heiress to an ancient fortune

Mokái hiKúrodu

Dark Fear
62, Male
Official: Prefect of the Palace of the Priesthoods

Ugly, immaculate dress, always clean and neat, wears perfume, clean-shaven (even head), opposite of his brother, Hórusu hiKúrodu (q.v. this list); deeply committed to Sárku and to his temple; member of secret Copper Tomb Society; 5 wives, 7 sons, 3 daughters, all grown and married now; said to perform necrophilic acts in his temple's darkest rituals; otherwise a nice chap!

Sríkolun hiKhanúma

Dark Water
44, Male

Noble supporter of the Sárku-Durritlámish temples in his city; was a good warrior in his youth; after the war with Yán Kór he fled, and his whereabouts are unknown; it is theorised that he had supported the Yán Koryáni, and his clan objected; he is a short, spindly-legged, ugly man with a receding hairline, thin ascetic nose, and duelling scars on his left cheek; not a pleasant man; his wife in Khirgár declares herself to be a widow now.

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