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Complete adventure scenarios, classic and new, and inspiration and information for creating your own.

More adventures can be found in the pages of the fanzines The Eye of All-Seeing Wonder and The Book of Visitations of Glory.

Credit & Cash

by Barry Blatt

Scenario ideas based around Tsolyáni letters of credit and cash... More »

The Temple of the Doomed Prince

by Dave Morris

This scenario was first published in White Dwarf Issue 54 (June 1984) ... More »

A Matter of Honor

by Bob Dushay

Original published in The Eye of All Seeing Wonder #6, this adventure was designed for conventions, using the Gardásiyal rules, where it can introduce new players to Tékumel. It is set in Jakálla in late 2365, about a year after Dhich’uné’s acension to the Petal Throne ... More »

Against the Grain (A Matter of Honor, Part 2)

by Bob Dushay

This adventure, sequel to A Matter of Honor, is set in the world of the Empire of the Petal Throne and uses the Gardásiyal rules. Beginners welcome, but this game features adult themes. This is not a monster-bash: strong roleplaying required ... More »

An Excursion into Old Ch’óchi

by Dave Morris

This adventure was written for the Tirikélu rules system, but can be easily adapted to others. Players follow the trail of some old artifacts into the jungle ... More »

Random Rumors and News Items

by David Bailey

Several rumors to add flavour to your Tékumel adventures ... More »

The Silver Hmá

by Patrick Brady, with modifications by James Maliszewski

Players investigate the theft of some silver ingots originally destined for the salaries of the soldiers of Daikán Province in Khirgár ... More »

Friends in Foreign Parts

by Dave Morris

Set during the reign of Dhich’uné the Usurper, this adventure involves Tsolyáni citizens in Mu’ugalavyá. Another scenario for the Tirikéku rules but easily adaptable sue to its heavy role-playing focus ... More »


That Tékumel Thing

by John Bailey

A complete Tékumel campaign outline for starting players ... Download (ZIPPED MS Word 97/98)

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